Reading between the lines: Kompany explains Burnley pitch markings

The markings on Burnley's main training pitch

The markings on Burnley's main training pitch

BURNLEY boss Vincent Kompany has explained the new line markings on the training pitches at Barnfield, which you can see above.

The Belgian, who took over as Clarets manager in the summer, worked for three seasons as a player under Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. During his time in charge of Barcelona, Bayern Munich and City, Guardiola had the training pitches marked out into different lanes.

He was keen to highlight, in particular, the half spaces - the channels between full back and centre half on either side of the penalty area.

Many other teams have followed suit and Kompany told the Burnley Express: "It's quite common now. The main thing is you line up the half spaces - the big, long vertical lines.

“And, for me, I like lines from outside the box to the angles of the posts, because it's where your strikers have to end up to score goals, it's where your wingers have to end up to score goals.

"We draw lines horizontally to try and look at what you call the double 18-yard line, to kind of mark where you get your central combinations done, and then there's an element of the defensive set up where you counter press and so on.”

Burnley have won one and drawn one during Kompany's first two games in charge.

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