Big Data Conference: Meet the Sponsors

TGG has five partners for the Big Data Conference on November 22nd - Hudl, OptaPro, Sport Logiq, Playermaker and IMeasureU.

All are leaders in data collection and analysis in elite football. Read more about them here:

More than 150,000 teams - including every one in the Premier League - use Hudl's video and analysis tools to elevate their performance. Hudl's Director of Customer Solutions, Ed Sulley, and Senior Strategic Consultant, Austin Fuller, will be delivering a presentation titled 'Where players come from' at the event.

OptaPro provides data, analytical insight and cutting-edge technology to support more than 350 professional teams. Their Senior Data Analyst, Tom Worville, will be delivering a presentation titled, 'Quantifying quality - making a difference across the pitch.'

Montreal-based Sport Logiq combines machine learning with camera tracking (which works with any broadcast feed) to add context to traditional event data. The company's football account manager, Jens Fjellström, will deliver a presentation titled, 'From artificial intelligence to on-pitch insights' at our event.

Playermaker, who we wrote about here, use unique motion sensors on a player’s boot to provide physical, technical, tactical and biomechanical data. They will be demonstrating their product at the Big Data Conference.

Auckland-based IMeasureU produces IMU Step, a lower-limb load-monitoring tool that accurately quantifies the impact of every step using a unique sensor worn above the player's ankle. We wrote about IMU Step here. IMeasureU will be demo'ing the product at the conference.

Big Data Conference: Meet the Speakers

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