Youth Development Conference: Meet the Sponsors

WE have carefully selected four sponsors for our Youth Development Conference in Manchester on June 5th.

Box Soccer, Playermaker, Hudl and Rezzil all produce cutting-edge products that can aid youth development and will be demonstrating them at the AJ Bell Stadium, where attendees will have the chance to try them out. You can still buy tickets for the conference HERE.

Here's some more information about the quartet of companies:


This is the technical development programme that comes inside a box. Academies in both the English and Scottish Premier Leagues use Box Soccer, which guarantees players 1,000 touches per one-hour session. There is now also a Box Soccer Digital Academy - an online programme for remote learning. You will be able to watch a live Box Soccer session at the conference.


Playermaker have developed an advanced motion sensor that acts as an extension of a player’s foot. It straps comfortably onto footwear and can optimally sense and classify each ball interaction and footstep. Artificial intelligence algorithms which are ‘trained to play football’ then help to provide real-time feedback with a number of key metrics for coaches and practitioners.


More than 150,000 teams - including every Premier League club - use Hudl's video and analysis tools to elevate their performance. Their senior strategist, John McGuigan, will be presenting on how analysis can empower young players.


Rezzil, powered by MiHiepa, is a market leading virtual reality training and cognitive development tool for elite football. It incorporates a series of unique drills to simulate extreme game pressure. Rezzil has already been installed at four of the top six Premier League clubs.

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