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Our SQL for Data Analysis Masterclass will provide an introduction to accessing and manipulating datasets in the context of football and player performance.

Data is valuable and SQL (Structured Query Language) makes navigating it a lot easier. SQL (often pronounced sequel) is a programming language that communicates with databases and is essential for anyone looking to get away from clunky Excel-based reporting and fully utilise Big Data.

Whether this data is stored in a local database, an SQL server or in the cloud, the language will help you to store, retrieve, manage and manipulate data.

This course will provide a working knowledge of this highly-productive language within a football context. SQL isn’t just for power users of data such as Data Scientists and Data Analysts, it can enable anyone looking to leverage their data to have better access to it and find the answers they need.

This can include coaches, recruitment analysts, performance analysts, sports scientists, Heads of Recruitment and more. For £30 you will get:

Video masterclass delivered by Edd Webster. During two-and-a-half hours (two one-hour sections with a 30-minute break), Edd will take you through the application of data analysis with SQL in a follow-along session. This will include:

  • Introduction to the basics of SQL/ explanation of exactly what databases are.
  • Key concepts.
  • How to create a new database and tables of player performance data.
  • Techniques to manipulate data into the form you require by retrieving records in the tables. This includes how to select records, filter for specific conditions, rename fields, join separate datasets based on a unique identifier, order data and group and aggregate based on certain conditions.
  • More advanced data management commands, including how to modify an existing database and table, how to delete an entire table or view of a table, and how to insert, modify and delete certain records.

In advance of the session you will receive:

  • Data (csv): Two real match datasets including a play-by-play dataset of industry standard event data, as well as an aggregated summary of player stats for the season.
  • Code Notes (PDF): The code to use during the session, which can be easily reviewed afterwards in a concise, clear document consolidating the topics discussed.
  • Further learning materials: Details of both free and paid tutorials and courses, practice questions and recommended next steps.
  • Installation instructions.

Please note:

  • Attendees will receive a 14-day recording of the session.
  • Price is inclusive of VAT and Eventbrite fees.
  • You will need to pre-install of MySQL Server and Workbench before the event, which you can do here: MySQL Server Community and MySQL Workbench Community. Minimum Hardware Requirements = CPU 64bit x86 Multi Core 64bit x86; RAM 4 GB 8 GB or higher; Display 1024×768 1920×1200 or higher.

Edd Webster (pictured) is a Data Scientist with the LEGO Group with five years’ professional experience of data analysis. Before LEGO, he worked with West Ham and City Football Group, where he helped the clubs leverage their commercial data through analysis.

BUY TICKETS: SQL Masterclass

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