Stone returns to Burnley after bullying investigation

Stone joined Burnley in November 2018

Stone joined Burnley in November 2018

STEVE STONE has returned to work at Burnley four months after taking an “agreed break” following bullying allegations.

In October, it was announced that the Clarets Under-23 coach had stepped away from his duties while an independent investigation into the allegations took place. Stone’s assistant, Andy Farrell, stepped into the former England international’s shoes during his absence and will continue in his role until the end of the season.

In the mean time, Stone will oversee Burnley’s 11 players who are out on loan before stepping back into his previous role in the summer.

Manager Sean Dyche said: "There was an independent investigation just to make sure things were done in the right manner. That is done and he is back in the workplace.

"There is no relief, it is just another situation that has been cleared up and dealt with. He is out looking at our loan players because we have 11 out on loan, making sure they are in good shape with the delivery of their performances and speaking with the managers.”

Academy Manager Jon Pepper added: “Steve is back in the building and great to see him back. Part of his role over the coming weeks is to go and touch base with the lads out on loan, get some feedback from them, get some feedback from the managers they are working for, and possibly take in a few games that they are playing in so he can feed back.

"Steve is going to touch base with them and having 10 or 11 out on loan spread all across the country and Ireland, that is going to put some mileage in to get out and see how they are doing."

Dyche, who played alongside Stone at Nottingham Forest, had explained at the end of October: “It is an agreed break with the club whilst things are being checked over.

"Nothing has been agreed, nothing is decided, it is just an ongoing view of a moment in time, and the club will take care of that privately and appropriately."

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