Sean Dyche has to 'break rotate and recycle' habits of Academy players

Sean Dyche says he has to constantly remind Charlie Taylor to play forwards

Sean Dyche says he has to constantly remind Charlie Taylor to play forwards

SEAN DYCHE says there's a habit of "just rotate and recycle" in Academy football and that he and his coaching staff have to "break" it when players progress to the senior set-up.

Dyche was speaking following his side’s crucial 3-2 Premier League win over Everton at Turf Moor on Wednesday night. In praising the performance of left-back Charlie Taylor - who surged to the byline and calmly picked out Jay Rodriguez for Burnley’s second goal - Dyche said he had to constantly remind the defender to play forwards.

"I am constantly on him - and he’s knows it and will be bored of hearing about it - but just get turned and play forward and run forwards,” Dyche said.

"He is a powerful boy and gets into great areas when he does that. A lot of the modern Academies now, it's just rotate and recycle the ball and they get tuned into that. So we have to break that when they come here and say, ‘No, no, we want you playing forwards first.’ If you can't, then you go backwards.

"When he does that he is a powerful player and he did it so well for the goal - runs at them and he’s found the moment.”

Dyche said the game had changed dramatically in terms of the way that players deliver the ball into the box from wide areas.

"The detail in the front third is always relevant, of course, particularly when you go to international level,” he said. “Passes into the box - the game is changing now. I think if you look at top teams, it's not just a cross any more, they actually pass into the box, find passing lanes in the box.

"I think that's an ongoing learning curve we keep looking at. The top teams, your Man Citys, I know they have very clever, technical players, but they actually pass it into the box, even from wide areas, they see a slot and drive it into those key areas.

"We talk to our players about that, not just putting it into the box with quality, but can we find those right areas, find players in the box, and I think that's another thing that has changed in the game over the years, the detail in the front third.

"Teams, including ourselves, are saying, ‘Can we open passing lanes in the box, can we open up different ways of scoring?' And that's the way football continues to change."

Dyche said it would not be long before Taylor - who came through Leeds’ Academy and went on to make 93 senior appearances for them before joining Burnley in 2017 - was being considered for the England squad.

“Charlie Taylor, if he continues what he's doing, it's still a bit early yet, but I'd be surprised if he's not at least getting thought of around the England set-up,” he said.

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