Nicky Law: How humility is part of Burnley's DNA

Law played alongside Dyche for Chesterfield

Law played alongside Dyche for Chesterfield

NICKY LAW, Burnley’s Head of Academy Recruitment, has explained how humility is key to the club’s DNA.

Law, who was appointed last January, played alongside manager Sean Dyche in Chesterfield’s defence in the 1990s.

"We weren't the most gifted of players, but we had that desire and attitude,” he told Sky Sports. “Sean has brought some of that to the Premier League.

“Burnley are not Manchester United. We cannot spend ridiculous amounts on players. It is crucial that when Sean brings them in they are the right characters and they will fit into the system.

"At Burnley we have a profile. We have to work alongside what Sean has created at Burnley, which is a great thing. I think everyone will see that this club is built on character.

“All of the players have a fantastic attitude. If you go and watch the first team here at Burnley having their lunch, they all mix with the young lads, take their plate back and stack it.

“There are no airs and graces to them and no players with real attitude. They are all really grounded lads who work hard in a system and give it their all.

“That is what Sean has created. So everyone who we bring in has to have those characteristics too. There is no place for the ones with a swagger who we know will not fit the profile."

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