Mistry promoted as Man City continue to grow data science department

Mistry joined City in June 2020

Mistry joined City in June 2020

RAVI MISTRY has been promoted to Head of Football Insights by Manchester City as the club continue to invest heavily in their data science capability.

Mistry, who is a Tableau specialist, joined in June 2020 from The Information Lab as a Football Intelligence Officer. His new role will be “empowering, enabling and educating our practitioners to advance our football intelligence capabilities across all clubs who are part of the City Football Group.”

Meanwhile, Brad Pryjmachuk has been promoted to Head of Analytical Solutions at City Football Group, having previously been Senior Performance Solutions Manager and Head of Academy Performance Analysis.

Pryjmachuk’s role will be “leading the research, planning and implementation of innovation frameworks and technologies that enable our teams to reach their performance goals.”

City Football Group - the holding company that owns Manchester City and nine other clubs - is advertising for other key data science roles.

One is Head of Analytics Engineering, “a pivotal role in ensuring robust, efficient and integrated data/ analytical platforms are brought to life & impact key football decisions.”

As Sunderland Head of Data and Analysis James Young told TGG, data engineering is critical for any club. He described it as “moving data around and storing it in ways that can be leveraged” and added, “unless you have nailed down the quality of the data you are holding, you won’t get anything useful out of the other side."

City Football Group is also advertising for a Football Insights Analyst to “support in the delivery of our Football Intelligence services across Talent Management at our group clubs.”

Manchester City and City Football Group have been investing heavily in their data science capabilities in recent seasons, as TGG has reported.

The department is headed up by Director of Football Intelligence Brian Prestidge, who has been with City for five years and was promoted to his current position in January 2020. He previously worked as a Performance Analyst under Sam Allardye and Bolton and rose to become their Head of Analytical Development.

In January 2021 Laurie Shaw was hired as Lead AI Scientist at City. He has a PhD in computational astrophysics and experience developing trading systems for a £30bn hedge fund and as a policy advisor for the British government.

John-Mark Sisman was appointed to the new role of Performance Physicist in July 2020, while Lewis Whitehouse, who had worked as an astrophysics researcher at the European Southern Observatory, joined as a Junior Data Scientist in September 2021.

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