McGuinness takes on new Head of Player Development role at Leicester

During McGuinness's 23 years at United, 86 players progressed from Academy to first team

During McGuinness's 23 years at United, 86 players progressed from Academy to first team

FORMER Manchester United Under-18s coach Paul McGuinness has been appointed Head of Academy Player Development at Leicester City.

McGuinness, who helped to develop a host of top players during 23 years at United, has been working as a National Coach Developer with the Football Association for the last four years.

Leicester have split the traditional Head of Coaching role in two, with Paul Cheney having been the Head of Coach Development for several years. Dmitri Halajko (now with the Premier League) had been Head of Player Development for the Foxes to July 2019, but the role had been vacant from then until now.

McGuinness will have “overall responsibility for the football development of players in the Academy from U9 to U18” and will “ensure that players transitioning into the U23 squad and first team have the required technical ability and tactical knowledge to make an impact and continue their football pathway.”

The 55-year-old is the son of former United manager Wilf McGuinness. During his time at United, up to February 2017, 86 players progressed from the Academy to the United first team. At The FA he helped run courses including the Pro Licence, supported and mentored coaches, and worked on projects.

Cheney has worked for Leicester for 20 years, starting off as a part-time coach and working through the age groups to U16s.



  • Academy Manager: Ian Cawley
  • Head of Academy Player Development: Paul McGuinness
  • Head of Academy Coach Development: Paul Cheney
  • Head of Academy Education: Matthew Clarke
  • Head of Emerging Talent: Steve Travis
  • Head Academy Scout: Bill Wall
  • Head Academy Sports Science: TBC
  • Safeguarding and Welfare Officer: Dale Bradshaw


  • U23s Lead: TBC
  • U23s Assistant: Ben Petty
  • U18s Head Coach: Adam Barradell
  • U18s Assistant: Stephen Kirby
  • Lead Academy Goalkeeping Coach: Glyn Thompson
  • Academy Goalkeeping Coach (U9-U16): Ryan Hudson & Amro Khalid
  • Lead Youth Development Phase Coach (U13-U16): Matt Goodwin
  • Assistant Lead Youth Development Phase Coach (U13-U16): Rodney Ballantine
  • U16s Lead: Matt Rains
  • U15s Lead: Steve Healy
  • U14s Lead: Stuart McClarty & Alistair Heath
  • U13 Leads: Ash Johal
  • Lead Foundation Phase Coach (U9-U12): Richard Keeling
  • Assistant Lead Foundation Phase Coach (U9-U12): Leroy Moore
  • U11 & U12s: Shamus Beaglehole
  • Pre-Academy Lead Coach and Coordinator: Mark Lyons
  • Loans Manager: Guy Branston


  • Lead Physiotherapist: Dan Dagia
  • Physiotherapists: Jordan Ward, Nabil Shah, Patrick Noubissie & Tom Gibson
  • Lead Sport Scientist: Gary Capes
  • U23 Sport Scientist: Perry Nosek
  • U18 Sport Scientist: Chris Organ
  • Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach: Michael Cheverton
  • Performance Nutritionist: TBC
  • Lead Sport and Exercise Psychologist: Karl Steptoe
  • Academy Doctors: Prithish Narayan and Aseem Rahman


  • Lead Performance Analyst: Ryan DeFreitas
  • U23 Performance Analyst: James Hume
  • U18 Performance Analyst: Hannah Beare
  • Performance Analysts: Jack Hall-Martinez & Harbir Rana

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