Gimpel leaves Southampton after 23 years

Gimpel joined Southampton as a physio in 1997

Gimpel joined Southampton as a physio in 1997

MO GIMPEL, one of the longest-serving medical practitioners in the Premier League, has left Southampton after 23 years.

The club announced Gimpel’s departure of LinkedIn and added “we thank him for his effort and commitment over many years and wish him every success in the future.”

Gimpel had worked as first-team physio, Head of Sports Medicine and Director of Performance Science for the Saints. He moved into the latter role, which was more focused on research, at the end of 2018 after Mark Jarvis came in as High Performance Manager.

“Mo joined us as a physio back in 1997, and has seen the club through relegations, administration, cup glory and promotions,” Southampton said in their statement.

“He’s been instrumental in the planning and growth of our training ground, played a key role in transforming our Academy into a Category One facility and helped deliver our Girls and Womens’ application to the FA, overseeing their integration into the club.”

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