Former England doctor Chakraverty joins Wolves

Chakraverty worked for the Football Association for three-and-a-half years  

Chakraverty worked for the Football Association for three-and-a-half years  

FORMER England doctor Robin Chakraverty has been appointed to a full-time position by Wolves.

Chakraverty stepped down from his role with the Football Association in March after three-and-a-half years in order to “seek new challenges”.

His position as Lead Men’s Performance Doctor had come under scrutiny following revelations about his time at UK Athletics, where he was Chief Medical Officer from 2013 to 2016.

BBC Panorama had revealed that the doctor had expressed reservations about possible "side effects" from giving an infusion of the legal supplement L-Carnitine to Mo Farah before the 2014 London Marathon, but had gone ahead with the injections anyway, and failed to record the levels.

Chakraverty joined the Wolves staff during lockdown and was involved in matchday treatment of players in their first home game of Project Restart, against Bournemouth.

He is working under Matt Perry, the former medical advisor to the Premier League, who has taken a prominent role in helping to formulate and trial protocols for the return of top-flight football.

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