Dunn promoted to analysis lead at Manchester City after Cremers exit

Dunn joined City in 2014 from Scunthorpe United

Dunn joined City in 2014 from Scunthorpe United

HARRY DUNN has been promoted to Performance Analysis Lead at Manchester City.

The analyst, who has been with City for eight years, replaces Piet Cremers, who left at the start of this season. He had initially been doing the job on an interim basis following the Dutchman's departure.

The other members of Dunn's department are:

  • Ryan DeFreitas (Performance Analyst for Training) - joined from Leicester City in September.
  • Craig Nosworthy (Opposition Analyst) - joined from Huddersfield Town in July 2021.
  • Sam Astley (Performance Analyst) - joined from Manchester Thunder Netball in August 2014, initially with the Academy.
  • Daniel Wright (Performance Data Analyst) - joined from Derby County in September 2021.

Meanwhile, the club are in the process of recruiting for:

  • Set piece analyst to replace Dylan Jones, who moved to West Ham in the same role in summer of 2021.
  • Opposition Analyst.

City hope to have filled both positions before the New Year, when the Premier League will have resumed following the World Cup.

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