DeFreitas joins Manchester City as Performance Analyst for Training

RYAN DEFREITAS has left Leicester City after nine-and-a-half years to become first-team performance analyst for training at Manchester City.

The role, advertised on TGG in July, will involve “delivering reliable analyses of training” to “create actionable insights for coaches and players.”

DeFreitas joined Leicester City in July 2013 as a performance analysis and recruitment intern and went on to become their Lead Academy Performance Analyst. The Foxes are currently in the process of hiring a replacement.

There were six main areas of responsibility for the Training Performance Analyst role advertised by City:

  1. Capture and analyse all aspects of training and log all training sessions.
  2. Create and manage output windows of best practice training databases.
  3. Create and maintain a folder structure on opposition matches & Premier League games.
  4. Film and code first-team matches.
  5. Provide clips using telestration software of training & matches to illustrate tactical patterns.
  6. Work in collaboration with the Performance Analysis team to deliver best practice insights.

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