Cohesive Coaching 2: Sold out!

FOLLOWING the success of our first Cohesive Coaching event in June, we decided to put on a sequel.

On November 29th, former England rugby coach Brian Ashton will be joined by Richard Evans, Head of Fitness for the Belgium national team, and Professor Damian Hughes, the renowned sports psychologist and best-selling author.

The event, in central Manchester, will again focus on how to effectively integrate the four corners - physical, psychological, tactical and technical - into training sessions and matches.

There will be presentations followed by a panel discussion, Q&A and networking. Once again, the setting will be intimate, providing an opportunity to speak to these world-class practitioners as well as to other members of the audience.

Last time our attendees included members of Team GB, a Great Britain rugby league international, staff from Premier League clubs, business people and amateur coaches. Everyone is welcome!

Again, only a limited number of tickets are on sale and they will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ashton told TGG: “In the heat of battle, the four corners come to the fore and as a player you’re tested physically, mentally, tactically and technically. All too often, coaches and teams don’t prepare in a way that brings all these elements together as one."

Evans will be giving unique insights into his work with the Belgium national team at the 2018 World Cup and Hughes will discuss how to effectively integrate mental skills into training and build a winning culture.


Brian Ashton MBE

Last coach to lead England to a Rugby World Cup final, in 2007. Since leaving the RFU, Brian has become a highly-respected coaching consultant, working with the likes of Manchester United, the Premier League and the International Rugby Academy of New Zealand. He is a passionate advocate of Cohesive Coaching.

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Richard Evans

Richard is Head of Team and Individual Fitness for Belgium, the number one ranked side in world football. This summer he helped them reach the semi-finals of the World Cup in Russia. A long-time associate of Roberto Martinez, Evans has also been Head of Performance at Everton and worked with the Spaniard at Wigan and Swansea.

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Professor Damian Hughes

A best-selling author, academic and sports psychologist, Damian has been Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change at Manchester Metropolitan University since 2010. He has also worked with a number of top sports teams and athletes and is currently part of the coaching staff for Scotland Rugby and the Canberra Raiders rugby league team. His latest book is The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a Winning Culture.

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Dan Micciche (former MK Dons and England U16 manager): “It was an honour to be alongside experts. It was good for our development as well. When you get asked questions like we did today, it really makes you think.”

Dr Lorraine O’Malley (Manchester City): “It is such a great event in terms of being able to listen to world class coaches and practitioners talk about how they do Cohesive Coaching on the ground."

Andrew Gibson (Wales Hockey): “Without days like today, it would all be very remote. It’s great to get the informal conversations and formal presentations and try and piece it all together. Days like today are very important.”

Brian Ashton: “Coaches from different sports don’t get together very often to share ideas unfortunately. Today has been a fantastic opportunity to do that.”

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