Cohesive Coaching: 'World-class practitioners sharing ideas'

Brian Ashton and Tony Strudwick were among the expert panellists

Brian Ashton and Tony Strudwick were among the expert panellists

TGG's first live event, Cohesive Coaching, has been described as “a rare opportunity for world-class practitioners to share ideas”.

Former England rugby coach Brian Ashton, who has been a passionate advocate of Cohesive Coaching for many years, fronted the sell-out half-day event in Manchester.

He said: “Coaches from different sports don’t get together very often to share ideas unfortunately. Today has been a fantastic opportunity to do that.”

Ashton delivered the opening presentation, unveiling his vision of Cohesive Coaching - which means integrating the four corners of physical, mental, tactical and technical into a single training session or match. He was followed by Wales Head of Performance Tony Strudwick, former MK Dons and England Under-16 coach Dan Micciche and Gazing Performance CEO Martin Fairn.

Micciche said: “It was an honour to be alongside who I would class as experts. It was good for our development as well. When you get asked questions like we did today, it really makes you think.”

The audience comprised elite coaches from Premier League clubs, Super League sides and Team GB, as well as grassroots coaches from a number of sports.

At the end there the opportunity to ask the panel questions in a Q&A session and there were several searching questions from the floor.

Dr Lorraine O’Malley from Manchester City said: “It is such a great event in terms of being able to listen to world class coaches and practitioners talk about how they do Cohesive Coaching on the ground."

Andrew Gibson from Wales Hockey added: “Without days like today, it would all be very remote. It’s great to get the informal conversations and formal presentations and try and piece it all together. Days like today are very important.”

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