Achterberg: Any keeper would make mistakes for Liverpool

Achterberg has been Liverpool's goalkeeping coach since 2011

Achterberg has been Liverpool's goalkeeping coach since 2011

ANY goalkeeper in the world would make mistakes for Liverpool because of their attacking style of play, according to Reds coach John Achterberg.

The Anfield goalkeeping coach compared his side with West Brom to make the point. Whereas Liverpool play a high line and requir Simon Mignolet to play further up the pitch, West Brom are more defensive and less is demanded of Ben Foster.

"If we have [Manuel] Neuer in goal now, I tell you he will make mistakes," the Dutchman told The Anfield Wrap.

If you can do every aspect of goalkeeping, you can play in any team. If you play in a defensive team, then it’s very difficult to play in an attacking team because there is a lot more thinking, decision making and bravery needed in your play.

“If you play in the way I just described by playing a high line, then you can adapt to any system, but the other way is pretty difficult. For example, if you play for West Brom, you just stand on the goal line and make the save.

“We had Pepe Reina in goal here, he was probably the best in the world with his feet. Then you get Simon coming in, he is no Pepe Reina and that is clear, that has been probably been hard to accept.

“There isn’t a perfect goalkeeper for Liverpool because we always want clean sheets, we want to win 7-0, never concede and never make any mistakes.”

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