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    London Colney
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    May 20th
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Arsenal Women Football Club is one of the most successful female football clubs in the history of the women’s game, currently playing in the FA WSL. It prides itself on maintaining high standards and delivering excellence.


To lead and improve the provision of all day-to-day performance analysis services within AWFC. This will involve working with the technical team, servicing all their needs around football analysis. This will encompass all aspects, pre-match opposition & post-match analysis, training & individual player analysis, player scouting & recruitment (in collaboration with the Recruitment Lead), management of analysis staff & service provider relations (ie. HUDL, Statsbomb, StatsDNA etc.)


Management responsibility for: AWFC Analyst.

Reports to: AWFC Head Coach.

Budgetary signing limit and commercial framework: Responsible for the Analysis budget.


The role would focus on leading the analysis support provided for AWFC First team. A successful candidate will possess strong leadership and management skills in order to utilise all resources to their full extent. This would involve working closely with the technical team to service all their analysis & scouting needs. This may include but not be restricted to; Pre & post-match opposition analysis/review, training & individual technical analysis, ad-hoc research projects/data trend analysis, live match-day analysis, player scouting & recruitment, analysis staff management and extensive team / individual video databasing. Other responsibilities would include:


  • Lead in the profiling of all opposition teams, provide content and support based around the distribution of material to our first team players and assist in the creation of telestrated video.
  • Lead in the storage, maintenance & application of all relevant equipment along with recollection of video databases and drive feedback to coaches/players around game performance with the goal of furthering our understanding of performance.
  • Lead in the coding of all first team fixtures, creation of reports on team performance, drive feedback to coaches/players and help drive a more reflective and evaluative culture within the first team.
  • Lead the match day process for live analysis to provide real-time feedback and assist in the troubleshooting of match-day networks.
  • Assist in Ensure the efficient management of the capturing of training footage in order to provide feedback & aid performance
  • Liaise with internal and external software & data providers regarding performance analysis, ensuring we are continuing to develop the products and use them in the most effective ways.
  • Initiate and carry out ad-hoc research projects for the benefit of team and individual performance
  • Continually update knowledge of best practice within football analysis and be pro-active in the search of new technologies, innovations and processes to enhance current practice.


  • To work closely with the Recruitment Lead & Head Coach to ensure all available analytical resources are utilised to assist with the identification and selection of target players.
  • Create, collate and monitor scouting intelligence effectively, using all available resources.
  • Create and present Talent ID videos/clips on request.
  • Work with the Recruitment Lead to build the Scouting Database.
  • Liaise with the Head Coach and Recruitment Lead to both generate and maintain on-going video and data driven player scouting and recruitment reports.


  • Must be available to work all AWFC First Team matches - this will involve domestic travel and potentially international travel for tours.
  • To lead and develop the Analytical team to ensure their knowledge, skills, and competencies maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the department.


Specific Experience:

  • Ideally, the person would have previous experience of working within professional football in order to understand the unique nature of football culture and how best to apply the principals and fulfil the role of a lead football analyst.
  • Experience of managing other analysts and to help other develop as professionals within the department
  • Experience of observing and/or being subjected to different footballing and/or sporting environments. This will ensure a solid grounding and rounded view of varying working methodologies, aswell as an acute understanding of examples of best practice within football analysis.
  • Being a relatively new field, understanding how a football/performance analyst fits into and can assist the football department is essential.

Abilities/ Skills/ Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of key performance analysis systems and other software packages, such as Hudl Sportscode & Studio.
  • Acute understanding of how best to implement the relevant performance analysis approaches within different working environments and with different types of individuals (players, coaches, manager, executives etc). Exceptional inter-personal skills that facilitate and allow the effective usage of performance insights.
  • Comfortable handling data and understanding how to integrate this into a feedback process with players & coaches.
  • A personable and adaptable management style to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth.


Preferred: Undergraduate degree relating to the field of Sports Science, Coaching and Performance and/or Performance Analysis.


  • Minimum undergraduate degree relating to the field of sports science, data science or performance analysis.
  • Football coaching qualifications preferable (FA Level 2) and any specific performance analysis qualifications are also applicable (ISPAS accreditation, for example).
  • Post-graduate qualification desired in a related discipline is preferred.


Extensive training on various analysis systems; Hudl Sportscode Pro/Elite, as well as a good understanding of MS Excel and various video editing software packages (Studio). It is essential to have a sufficient mix of academic, football and specific training experience and knowledge to carry out the role.


  • Complexity and decision making

When performing any type of data analysis or working with new technologies, there is always an element of complexity. This is obviously dependent on the level of the work being performed. Carrying out reasonably complex tasks relating to data analysis and new technologies is required on a daily basis. Guidance, direction and support will however be provided by the technical and football analysis teams.

Although an independent approach will be encouraged, decisions will be made in collaboration with the Head Coach and HOWF.

  • Delivering results - commercial awareness, business and strategic impact

The nature of the role means that there is a necessity to meet constant and demanding deadlines. These deadlines are essential for the efficient and thorough preparation of the team, with reference to performance. Other people require the work of the AWFC Lead Football Analyst in order to fulfil their individual roles (coaches, fitness staff, physiotherapists, assistant analysts, etc).

  • Freedom to act and accountability

Freedom to act and accountability will be present and will be guided by the Head Coach and HOWF. Innovation and the proposal and possible introduction of new ideas and methodologies will be encouraged from the outset.

  • Networks, Relationships and Teams

This role requires the occupier to liaise with a reasonably vast array of people, mainly internally. Engagement with all football-related departments is essential and apparent on a daily basis.


To apply, please send your CV to Eddie Koppoe – eddie@eisg.com

We ask that applicants complete our diversity monitoring form. You are not obliged to answer any of these questions but the more information you supply, the more effective our monitoring will be. All information supplied is anonymous and will not be viewed by recruiting managers.

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