Wenger: Manager of future will be business specialist

Wenger says it can be 'lonely' being a manager who gives young players a chance

Wenger says it can be 'lonely' being a manager who gives young players a chance

ARSENE WENGER believes the manager of the future will not even need a football background, because his or her decisions will be based on science and technology.

“There is an interesting experience in France where Corinne Diacre manages in the second league (with Clermont Foot) for now three years and does extremely well," the Arsenal manager told the FWA Live event for victims of the Grenfell Fire.

"I personally am convinced that will happen soon, because I am convinced that in 10, 15 years it will be not necessarily a football specialist that will be manager of the club.

“He will have so many scientists around him who will bring out the team to play on a Saturday, how to manage, it will be more a management specialist than a football specialist because the football decisions will be made by technological analysis.”

Wenger also said it can be lonely being a manager who gives young players a chance.

The Arsenal boss said young players inevitably make mistakes as they develop - a risk many managers are not willing to take.

“If I play a young central defender of 20 years old I know he will cost me points in the season and I have to stand up for that," he said.

“If I play a 28 year old centre back, maybe less talented, he will cost me less points but I will not give a chance to a young player. As a manager, sometimes you feel lonely to stand up there and say, ‘no, I want this boy to play because he deserves it.’

“I know he will make mistakes because at 23, 24 you have a player, but until then you are up and down.”

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