Wenger casts doubt on modern recovery methods

ARSENAL manager Arsene Wenger says he has no idea whether modern recovery techniques work - and claims no-one else does either.

The Gunners face three fixtures in six days, with upcoming games against West Brom, Bate Borisov and Brighton.

Wenger said: “They [the players] have warm-downs, they have all that. But everybody does nowadays - treatment with the physios, massage, cryotherapy - all the stuff where nobody knows whether it is efficient or not.

“No one knows because you have a lot of science. If you read the science, some have proved that it works and some have proved that it doesn’t work. The ones that prove that it works are usually sponsored by the guys who say that it does.

“Since I’ve been in the job we have improved a lot the medical treatment. A lot. But still if you have a muscle problem it takes 21 days. It took 21 days 30 years ago. They have to respect nature and nobody could make miracles unless they injected players for a big game and the guy played with an injury.”

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