Watford suffer most injuries in 2017/18

SOUTHAMPTON have lost the lowest number of days to injury so far this season, while Watford have experienced the most.

The research was done by the respected Premier Injuries website, run by Ben Dinnery. Southampton have lost only 143 days to injury, while the Hornets, who are six places higher than them in the Premier League, have lost 513 - more than 3.5 times as many.

West Brom, who suffered the lowest number of significant injuries and days lost to injury last season, are in third place, with Liverpool second.

Arsenal find themselves at the wrong end of the table, with 406 days lost to injury already this season.

Dinnery worked out that a total of 20,576 days were lost to injury across the Premier League last season, which equated to £131,314,980 in lost wages.

  1. Southampton: 143 days lost
  2. Liverpool: 186
  3. West Brom: 211
  4. Burnley: 228
  5. Chelsea: 238
  6. Man City: 225
  7. Brighton: 257
  8. Swansea: 269
  9. Tottenham: 280
  10. Leicester: 289
  11. Man Utd: 299
  12. Huddersfield: 336
  13. Everton: 342
  14. West Ham: 342
  15. Newcastle: 352
  16. Crystal Palace: 379
  17. Stoke: 390
  18. Bournemouth: 391
  19. Arsenal: 406
  20. Watford: 513

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