Inside the treatment room: Watch Jon Stead's acupuncture session

NOTTS COUNTY striker Jon Stead allowed TGG inside the physio's room to watch him undergoing a course of acupuncture at the League Two club.

Many professional clubs use acupuncture as a form of therapy to treat minor niggles and relieve pain and Stead, 33, explained: "I’ve had acupuncture at pretty much every club I’ve been at.

"Obviously it depends on the physio and facilities at the club. I’ve found it helpful with minor niggles - it helps pick them up quicker."

The treatment was administered to the former England Under-21 striker by head of sports medicine Johnny Wilson following training on Tuesday.

Wilson said: "If the patient has no phobias, no fears with the needles, then they tend to get great results with acupuncture. It’s all about Chi and releasing energy.

"All players have autonomy of care, so they get to decide what type of treatment, what type of modality they have. They can decide what they like to do and who they like to see them. It’s ultimately their choice and our role, as practitioners, is to educate and guide and help them through the journey of rehabilitation.

"Jon tolerates the needles quite well, so I leave them in for 15, 20 minutes. It all depends on the player, their response and how well they tolerate the needles. I'd imagine most clubs would have a qualified practitioner and that acupuncture would be a part of their treatment and rehab.

"My own mentor was a man called Jon Hobbs, who was phenomenal."

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