Use of 'smart stamps' in football moves closer

SMART stamps could soon become a feature at football training sessions after two companies entered into an exclusive partnership to commercialise the technology.

Healthcare technology company MC10 Inc, based in Lexington, Massachusetts, has partnered with Cork-based PCH, which designs product solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies, to commercialise its Wearable Interactive Stamp Platform (WiSP™).

The skin-worn, ultra-thin, stretchable and disposable stamp is partnered with a smartphone to transmit health information such as heart rate, oxygen levels and adrenalin levels.

The partnership will allow brands to develop a variety of consumer applications for the platform - including sports training.

“We are excited to partner with PCH to expand the reach of MC10’s body-worn electronics globally, within and beyond our core healthcare market,” Scott Pomerantz, MC10 CEO and President, said.

“PCH’s experience working with leading consumer brands, and their ability to commercialise the technology, will accelerate development of new applications within a variety of industries for skin-worn wearables.”

PCH will work with third-party brands to customise the technology and develop new consumer applications. L’Oréal used the technology to produce a stamp that measured UV exposure last year.

A WiSP smart stamp is used with near field communication (NFC) to securely store and transmit data collected.

A WiSP smart stamp consists of a layer with the antenna and NDC chip, attached to another layer made of a medical-grade adhesive that allows it to stretch and contract with the movement of the skin. A thin layer allowing for a customizable graphic and another layer made of a UV protective liner sit on top of the antenna and NFC chip.

The WiSP smart stamp can be worn for up to two days, and that evidently includes wearing it while engaging in strenuous activity, showering or sleeping.

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