On-demand: Tableau Masterclass

ABILITY to use the visual analytics platform Tableau is becoming increasingly important in professional football, whether you’re working in analytics, coaching, performance or executive positions.

That's why TGG has teamed up with Touchline Analytics to offer an online TABLEAU MASTERCLASS. This was held in November 2020 but is now available on-demand.

The session is delivered by Touchline founder Tom Goodall, a Tableau expert who formerly worked as an analyst at Forest Green Rovers, Derby County and Swansea City. He is now Senior Solutions Consultant at Hudl.

Tom's masterclass is a follow-along interactive experience during which you get:

  • An overview of the football capabilities of the software.
  • A custom dataset to use as you do the Masterclass.
  • Tuition in how to create your own custom metrics.
  • Guide to building a post-match dashboard which could be automated.

This masterclass will be of interest to:

    • Analytics staff.
    • Performance and medical.
    • Coaches.
    • Players.
    • Sporting Directors and other football executives.
    • Commercial staff.

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Tom Goodall: What to expect on the day

Such is the significance of the tool that one English Champions League team requires all player-facing staff to be able to use Tableau.

Tom Goodall (pictured), who delivers our Masterclass, said: "Having witnessed first-hand the power of Tableau across a number of departments at first-team level, being able to use the software is fast becoming an essential skill in elite-level football.

"It’s huge for analysts, because you can create your own custom metrics according to your own game model. It's important for sports scientists too and at Swansea City we worked really closely with the physical performance team to create a brilliant dashboard visualising GPS which the players really liked.

"Players can get a granular view of their development in terms of physical and technical data and there's an online platform that allows you to upload reports, which are automatically refreshed, so you're putting power in their hands.

"Sporting Directors can use Tableau to analyse and visualise things like pounds spent per point won, player wages, even data like merchandise sales and iFollow, the possibilities are significant."

"We provide an overview of the football capabilities of the software, but this will also be an interactive follow-along experience. We will provide you with a custom dataset in advance, as part of the cost. I do the course off that same file. Even though you’re following along, you'll be able to create different metrics to me.

"That's the beauty of Tableau - using raw data, you can be really specific to your own game model and requirements, which differ from team to team. Come the end of the Masterclass, you’ll have built a post-match dashboard which in theory could be automated."

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