On-demand: Python Match Analysis Masterclass

OUR Python Match Analysis Masterclass is a follow-along interactive session that takes you through the match analysis process, from processing a real match JSON file through to data visualisation and communication.

The course is designed and delivered by FC Python founder Jamie Dos Anjos and is aimed at both novice and intermediate Python users. It follows on from our Introduction to Python Masterclass last June.

Python is used by sports organisations around the world to standardise, automate and improve the insights they receive from match data. We hope to take you through the concepts needed to get started in this space.

Along with the two-hour video Masterclass you will receive the following supporting resources:

  • Python installation instructions.
  • Full code workbook and notes.
  • Wyscout JSON match data file of the October 2021 match between Liverpool and Manchester City.
  • Key Python terms and concepts document.
  • Further reading notes to develop your skills after the session.

PURCHASE: Python Match Analysis Masterclass

Jamie Dos Anjos (pictured) is a qualified teacher and analyst and the founder of FC Python, which aims to put accessible resources for learning Python in the hands of people interested in sport.

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