On-demand: Introduction to Python Masterclass

OUR Python Masterclass gives an introduction to the football capabilities of one of the world's most popular programming languages.

Python is used by tech giants including Spotify, Google and Netflix, and many in football will benefit greatly from a working knowledge of the language.

This applies not just to data scientists, but to coaches, recruitment analysts, performance analysts, sports scientists, Technical Directors, agents and more.

Python can help you streamline repetitive data cleaning, create bespoke visualisations and send automated messages to colleagues.

That's why we're bringing you our PYTHON MASTERCLASS on-demand. For £20 you get:

  • Video masterclass delivered by Jamie Dos Anjos (pictured). During two hours Jamie takes you through the analysis process with Python, from data import to creating visualisations. The session covers: introduction to programming basics, how to load data, cleaning and describing datasets, exploratory data analysis, and basic visualisations.
  • Wyscout data (csv): The recorded session is follow-along and we will send you real match data to use in tandem with Jamie. This Wyscout data is taken from last season’s Serie A.
  • Code Notes (PDF): This is the code Jamie runs through during the session.
  • Further learning materials: Details of tutorials, football resources and paid courses for those who want to take their Python learning further.

Jamie Dos Anjos is a qualified teacher and analyst and the founder of FC Python, which aims to put accessible resources for learning Python in the hands of people interested in sport.

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