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VIDEO has become a fundamental part of the coaching process, whether in training, during games or as part of post-match analysis.

Telestration elevates the storytelling power of video even further, which is why we teamed up with Tracab for this Coach Paint Masterclass delivered by Benfica U23 assistant manager João Nuno Fonseca.

In the first half of this session he shows you how to use the key tools in Coach Paint; in the second half he prepares the type of pre-match video presentation that can be shown to players.

Coach Paint has a multi-feature tool set that enables users to cut out and move players, highlight them, paint arrows and spotlights, measure distances, show formations, zoom in and much more.

It enables users to draw or produce graphical content on video, to highlight and communicate their messages and coaching points.

With this on-demand Masterclass you get:

  • Set-up video: how to download, log onto and use Coach Paint; how to import videos; how to use basic telestration.
  • 1st half of João's session = Overview of the football capabilities of Coach Paint.
  • 2nd half of João's session = Preparing a pre-match video presentation ready to show your players.
  • Coach Paint update: The future of telestration and the feedback process.

The Masterclass is available to buy HERE and lasts for just over two hours.

This session will be of interest to:

  • Coaches and managers (of all levels).
  • Analytics staff.
  • Performance and medical.
  • Players.
  • Sporting Directors and other football executives.

João Nuno Fonseca

João Nuno Fonseca: "Sometimes words aren’t enough to explain your ideas and messages to your players. You need video too, because pictures are powerful. Coach Paint enables people to interpret what is happening and is a really important tool for enhancing knowledge. For me, it is key in order to understand the how's and why's.

During this session, I give you an overview of the football capabilities of Coach Paint and how to use it to prepare an example for a Sunday match. We prepare what we want to present to the players - what we want from them in different moments of the match and how we intend to set traps for the opponent.

The game is chaos, but if you have order in the processes and good guidelines about what you want and how you prepare the next opponent, the training sessions will be much more incisive.

For this we can use footage from our own training, from our own matches and from the opponent’s matches. You need to feel what is the best for your own environment, otherwise you are copy and pasting from other people, rather than creating your own identity.

We need to feel the culture, the people and what is best in the moment. The same moment will not happen again.

It’s really important for people to have what they want and adapt to their own context."

Telestration: 'The future of coaching & feedback'

"Coach Paint is a high-end telestration tool with a top quality-output, much like you see on Monday Night Football, with a slimline workflow packaged up on a laptop. In short, it allows you to draw or produce graphical content on video, to highlight and communicate a message or coaching point. It's tailor-made for football." Craig Inness, Coach Paint Director - Europe

“Reliance on video analysis in professional sport has grown hugely over the past few years. We are now working in a time where the analysis of video can be captured, coded, analysed and presented in real-time. Providing the opportunity to affect in-game decision making through telestration is the future of the coaching and feedback process." David Eccles, Vice President - Sports Tracab

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