TGG On-Demand: Big Data 2021

TGG's Big Data 2021 Webinar, which shed light on how top individuals and organisations are using data science in football, is now available on-demand.

There are seven presentations from leading practitioners from around the world:

  • Mikkel Keldmann (Head of Quantitative Analysis, Brondby): Brondby's data journey: From one intern to fully-automated analysis.
  • James Young (Head of Data and Analysis, Sunderland): Launching a data science department at Sunderland.
  • Jan Van Haaren (Data Scientist, FC Brugge): Evaluating & recruiting players using open-source tools.
  • David Perdomo Meza (Head of Engineering & Data Science, Twenty3): Democratising data.
  • Jens Melvang: (Product Manager, Stats Perform): Supporting key recruitment challenges using AI.
  • Luke Bornn (Founder & chief scientist, Zelus Analytics): From pixels to points: Using tracking data to improve performance.
  • Pedro Pereira (Data Scientist, Fluminense): Data-driven insights in opposition analysis.

In total there is more than five hours' of top-quality content. You can purchase the webinar HERE.

Schedule and speaker profiles below.



Mikkel Keldmann is Head of Quantitative Analysis for Danish side Brondby. His role includes analysis of first-team matches, training and scouting. Mikkel says: "I will be speaking about Brondby's journey from a single intern with a couple of excel sheets to fully automated and real time analysis." This talk is in association with video and analytics specialists Hudl.

James Young is Sunderland's first Head of Data and Analysis. He describes his role as being a "translator between the complex and nuanced level of analysis and the coach.” He will be presenting along with Akhil Shah, who is Lead Data Scientist for the Black Cats.

Jan Van Haaren is Data Scientist at Belgian side Club Brugge. He is an experienced machine learning engineer with more than 10 years' experience developing metrics, models & products for player recruitment, match analysis and player development. Jan has a special interest in improving the applicability of analytics metrics, the visualisation of data & explanations of machine learning models.

Luke Bornn is the founder and chief scientist of Zelus Analytics, which is aiming to become the world's best sports intelligence platform. Luke is a pioneer of data science in sport, having been Head of Analytics at AS Roma and Vice President of Strategy and Analytics at the Sacramento Kings.

David Perdomo Meza is the Head of Engineering and Data Science at Twenty3. He worked at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, before switching his focus to football data analytics in 2016. Twenty3 help media and professional clubs to maximise the potential of data with their products and services.

Pedro Pereira is a Data Scientist for the four-time Brazilian champions Fluminense. During his seven years with the club, he has helped to develop a data-driven culture that turns big volumes of data in to actionable insights for coaches and staff.

Jens Melvang is a former professional footballer who won three Danish Cups with Odense. For the last 20 years he has worked in performance analysis and is now a Product Manager with Stats Perform. His specialism is using artificial intelligence in performance analysis.

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