Survey finds 10% of sport scientists/ S&Cs on under £15k

The survey was in response to Blackpool advertising for a £12k Head of Sport Science

The survey was in response to Blackpool advertising for a £12k Head of Sport Science

ALMOST 10% of respondents to a survey on pay for sport scientists and S&Cs in football reported earning less than £15,000 a year - with 80% of them having been educated to Masters or postgraduate level.

The survey was conducted by Aiden Oakley, a strength and conditioning coach at the Aspire Academy in Qatar, after Blackpool attracted controversy for advertising for a Head of Academy Sport Science role on just £12,000 a year.

Oakley asked sport scientists and S&C coaches working at Premier League to League Two level in England, or in the Premier League in Scotland, to complete a survey on their pay. He received 102 completed surveys.

The information he asked for was name, club, job title, league, salary and education level, all on condition of anonymity. Of the respondents:

  • One said they were earning nothing, while another reported that their salary was £600.
  • Six were on less than £10,000 per annum, and 10 were on less than £15,000.
  • Of the 10 on <£15,000, eight had been educated to Masters or PhD level.

Respondents were also asked for additional comments and these were illuminating as well. Here is a selection:

"The whole industry exploits the qualified professionals when you consider the ‘minimum’ level of education required and the cost."

"Salary and job requirements not representative of level of education/ experience."

“Considering the wages of players and income of clubs, (just think of Neymar) the fact fitness pros in football typically earn £20-30k is ridiculous. We are directly responsible for the athletic ability and fitness/injury status of usually around 25 players at a minimum."

"Something has to be done regarding pay in football for sports science and physios."

"There needs to be a structured pay scale."

  • There is more analysis of the survey here.

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