Sharp steps down as Everton Non-Executive Director

Graeme Sharp is Everton's second top goalscorer of all time

Graeme Sharp is Everton's second top goalscorer of all time

NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Graeme Sharp is one of three Everton Board members to have today left their roles.

Sharp, an Everton legend who played 447 games for the Toffees between 1980 and 1991, joined as NED in January 2022. Along with Chief Executive Officer Denise Barrett-Baxendale and Chief Finance and Strategy Officer Grant Ingles, Sharp has now left his role.

In a statement, Everton said there would be further announcements about Chairman Bill Kenwright and “interim appointments” to the Board within 48 hours.

At the time of Sharp's appointment, Kenwright said: “We were determined to have someone join us with not only great knowledge of Everton but also extensive football insight and experience. Someone who could support and challenge.

“And in Sharpy’s case we’ve got this in abundance.”

However, his experience did not necessarily seem suited to the role. Sharp had not had an active role in elite football since managing Bangor City in 1997/98. Since 2000 he had had the ambassadorial role of Everton's Players' Life President.

David Slemen, the founding partner of Elite Performance Partners, has written for TGG about the importance of the Performance NED in football.

“In football… it is clear that most Boards do not incorporate the expertise they are selling, which is the performance of their teams,” Slemen wrote.

“Often, decisions are left to people who may love the game, who might even have played it, but who have little or no real experience of making strategic decisions on the performance side of sport.”

Slemen described the NED as a “senior advisor who can take a step back and inform, challenge and support the decisions being made by the Executive.”

Thanking the trio for their service, Kenwright said: “This has been a great Board who have all worked tirelessly for the club, no matter what the circumstances. My relationship with Denise has been known as one of the closest in football. I thank her for her many achievements, particularly her magnificent work in respect of our new stadium.”

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