Notts County dedicate award to Matt Salmon

Salmon was Mansfield's academy physio for three and a half years

Salmon was Mansfield's academy physio for three and a half years

NOTTS COUNTY won the League Two Sports Science and Medicine team of the year award at the FMA Conference last night - and immediately gifted it to Mansfield Town in honour of the late Matt Salmon.

The 25-year-old academy physio died on Friday following a seven-year battle with lung cancer.

He had only announced his retirement on Wednesday, having been given a short time to live by doctors.

Typically, Salmon had thought of others ahead of himself in making the decision. “I have reached a stage where I am not able to give our players the level of care they deserve,” he said.

Johnny Wilson, the head of sports medicine at Notts County, accepted the award and immediately dedicated it to Salmon and his family.

He handed it on to Lee Taylor, who received it on behalf of Mansfield Town.

Wilson told TGG: "Matt was a lovely lad - very committed, unassuming and modest. He helped out whenever he could and was very conscientious. I knew him as a student, physio and colleague and he was ambitious and kind - just one of those good people you're lucky to meet sometimes.

"It’s hard to comprehend how his family must be feeling."

In a statement yesterday, Mansfield youth directors Mark Hawkins and Steve Hymas said Salmon was "an inspirational person, taken far too young."

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