NEW! Set Piece Masterclass with Billy Coulston

Billy Coulston was an Analyst at Newcastle United for a decade

Billy Coulston was an Analyst at Newcastle United for a decade

SET PIECES are a fundamental part of the game, which is why teams are dedicating more and more time and resources to them.

There are an average of 60 set-piece situations per game (corners, free kicks and throw-ins), which means 60 opportunities to score (or concede) a goal. This is why so many elite teams now employ set-piece coaches and analysts, whose sole job is to create, plan and practice routines, as well as analysing what the opposition are doing.

In our Set Piece Masterclass, former Newcastle United First Team Analyst Billy Coulston will help to improve your understanding, preparation and delivery of Set Pieces.

His interactive follow-along session will cover:

  • The 14 different types of set play.
  • The importance of set plays.
  • Incorporating sets plays into your game model.
  • Analysing, planning and executing set plays with an elite team.
  • How to create set piece routines and visualise them as still diagrams and moving animations.
  • 30% discount on 50 Creative Set Plays to take your learning further.

Structure of the session:

  • Two-hour live Zoom session starting at 19:00 GMT on Tuesday March 19th.
  • Opportunity to ask questions/ share your own ideas with Billy and the other participants.
  • Ticket holders will receive a 14-day recording of the session.

Please note:

  • You will receive a bespoke Zoom link via email shortly before the session starts.
  • Tickets are £40 + VAT and Eventbrite fees.
  • Places are limited and tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.


BILLY COULSTON worked for Newcastle United for a decade, as Opposition Scout, Pre-Match Analyst and Post-Match and Individual Player Development Analyst. In April 2022 he was appointed Customer Success Manager for Elite Football at Hudl. Billy has always been passionate about enhancing set pieces and is the founder of Creative Set Plays, which aims to inspire managers, coaches, analysts and players at all levels about this key area of the game. You can find them on Twitter at @CreativeSetPlay

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