NEW COURSE! R Masterclass with Harsh Krishna

R is a programming language that is excellent for data cleaning, manipulation and visualisations.

This makes it particularly useful for managing large datasets, enabling the creation of metrics and visualisations. Little wonder that R has become so popular in the world of football analytics.

In our R Masterclass, on Tuesday February 13th, Harsh Krishna will introduce you to R and RStudio - the most popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing R code - and show how they can be used with football event data.

This will be an interactive, follow-along session and Harsh will cover:

  • Introduction to R and R Studio: What are R and RStudio? What are they used for? How can they be useful in a football context?
  • Writing R code in RStudio: Starting from the basics of writing R code (defining variables, different data types, creating functions, if:else statements) all the way through to using functions for data manipulation and plotting.
  • Creating event data visualisations: Creating visualisations using football event data. Creating a dashboard consisting of a pass map, shot map, heat map and convex hull.
  • Automating visualisations: Creating a custom function to automate the dashboard.
  • Understanding web apps with RShiny: RShiny is an R package that allows you to build interactive web apps through R. Harsh will explain what an RShiny app is, how it works and how it can be used to effectively present your work to colleagues who don't have a data background.

Before the session, ticket holders will receive:

  • Instructions on how to download R and R Studio.
  • Complete code to be used within the session.
  • PDF of code notes.
  • Wyscout data to be used within the session.

Afterwards, you will receive:

  • A 14-day recording of the Masterclass.
  • Slides from Harsh's presentation.
  • Further reading to take your knowledge of R further.
  • Complete code to create the Shiny app, along with detailed PDF explainer.

This Masterclass will take place on Zoom at 14:00 GMT on Tuesday February 13th. It will be an interactive, follow-along session, with the chance to ask questions.

Please note:

  • Places are limited and tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • On the day, you will be emailed a bespoke link to log into the Zoom Masterclass. This will go to the email you registered with.
  • Tickets are £40 + VAT and Eventbrite fees.

Harsh Krishna is a student at the University of Delhi and one of the authors of ggshakeR, R’s first all-in-one visualisation and analysis package for openly-available football data.

Harsh, who is also experienced at using Python, SQL and Tableau, is an active member of the football analytics community on Twitter and frequently shares his work on the platform.

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