Morata travels to Germany for 'regenerative' treatment

Morata has not played since January 17th

Morata has not played since January 17th

CHELSEA striker Alvaro Morata has travelled to Germany for a third time to be treated by a doctor who specialises in "regenerative medicine," according to the Marca newspaper.

Dr Peter Wehling runs the Cemor clinic in Dusseldorf and has developed a treatment called Regenokine, which “harnesses the body’s natural healing cells” and injects them back into the body.

A number of prominent US sportsmen, including basketball star Kobe Bryant, golfer Fred Couples and the Seattle Seahawks American Football team, have all travelled to Germany to be treated by Dr Wehling.

However, Regenokine has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States and is not currently available in the UK.

Dozens of sportspeople and teams, including Derby County, are listed as clients on Cemor’s website. Respected Marca journalist Jose Felix Diaz, who we have spoken to about the story and its sourcing, reported that Morata had travelled to see the clinician twice, along with a Chelsea doctor and physio, before making a third visit this week.

TGG does not know the exact nature of Morata's treatment and Chelsea declined to comment, on the basis that the club "does not give a running commentary on the treatment of its players."

Dr Wehling and Morata’s agent, Gelu Rodriguez, did not respond when contacted. Morata first reported discomfort in his back in December last year and has not played a game since being sent off against Norwich in the FA Cup on January 17th.

Prior to that, he had missed five of Chelsea’s previous 10 games. Regenokine is a form of “biologic medicine”, working on the principle that the body’s own tissue is less invasive and more effective as a treatment for injury than surgery.

The procedure involves a syringe of blood being drawn from the affected area, incubated and then spun in a centrifuge. Anti-inflammatory proteins can also be added.

The blood cells produce proteins that reduce inflammation and stimulate cellular growth. The plasma is then injected back into the relevant part of the body.

In a piece last year, Seattle Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright said the treatment was “part of the programme” and had improved his knee injury “100%”. He added: "It is legit and it helps guys."

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