Match Analysis develops 8K panoramic camera system

FOOTBALL tech firm Match Analysis says it has further enhanced performance analytics by developing a new panoramic camera system.

The new K2-8K system features upgraded software and hardware, video in 8K ultra-high definition and five cameras. This is double the resolution and number of cameras provided by its previous system, the K2, which is installed at every major League Soccer stadium.

The San Francisco-based firm, which also works with all 18 Liga MX clubs in Mexico, says the K2-8K will enable superior coverage of the goal mouth and far side of the field during matches.

President Mark Brunkhart said: ”K2 Panoramic Video was the most successful product launch in Match Analysis’s history. It was originally developed to show all 22 players and off the ball movement, and to deliver the ideal tactical view for coaches and analysts.

“Our clients have confirmed how dependent they have become on K2 Panoramic Video and prefer to work extensively with it rather than broadcast video. Their requirement for greater tactical use of panoramic video in their pre and post-match analysis has been a key driver in the development of K2-8K.”

Match Analysis was set up 16 years ago and provides video and statistical analysis tools to top clubs, leagues and media outlets around the world.

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