Lovren: I won't change risky front-foot style

Lovren was criticised for mistakes against Man Utd

Lovren was criticised for mistakes against Man Utd

LIVERPOOL defender Dejan Lovren says manager Jurgen Klopp demands a front-foot style from his defenders that has risks but even more rewards.

The Croatian was criticised for mistakes in aerial duels with Romelu Lukaku that led to both of Manchester United’s goals in a 2-1 defeat last month. Many said he should have stood off the Belgian - but Lovren says this fundamentally misunderstands what Klopp asks of him.

“Man United defenders: sitting, waiting,” he told the Sunday Times. “We have a different style of football. We need to apply high pressure and it’s a challenge for a defender.

“They can say that [that he should have stood off], but they’re not hearing what the manager says. If he wants me high, I am high. This is what we do. It is a risk — but then see how many goals we score after winning the ball.

“[Lukaku] is a strong guy, physically one of the toughest, for his age unbelievable. Sometimes you get it right — and many games, I won against him — but sometimes you lose. Mistakes happen.”

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