Liverpool pioneer use of infrared thermography technology

Rubén Pons and ThermoHuman co-founder Ismael Fernandez

Rubén Pons and ThermoHuman co-founder Ismael Fernandez

LIVERPOOL are the first Premier League team to start using infrared thermography software produced by a Spanish company called ThermoHuman.

Physio Rubén Pons recently completed the company's ‘ThermoHuman individualised training course’, which he started during the 2016/17 pre-season. The Spanish specialist, who began working at Melwood in 2014, became aware of the technology during his previous job at Villarreal.

Liverpool’s players were first assessed using the equipment during pre-season and have been monitored since then. A thermographic camera designed specifically for human sports performance was used to detect ‘thermal abnormalities’ - namely increases or decreases in skin surface temperature.

This information is believed to be particularly useful in highlighting overuse injuries.

“The information provided by ThermoHuman was used to track the workload assimilation and recovery by detecting thermal asymmetries that can be related with injury risk,” the company said.

Ismael Fernandez, co-founder of ThermoHuman, added: “We are able to detect risk areas and prevent injury. We have been working with football, basketball and other sports teams and reducing injury by as much as 90%.”

PSG are also using the tech and their physio, Grégory Delente, completed the ThermoHuman training in August.

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