Liverpool advertise for first Set Piece Coach

Arne Slot: Arrives as Head Coach on June 1st

Arne Slot: Arrives as Head Coach on June 1st

Liverpool are advertising for their first ever specialist Set Piece Coach.

Although Jurgen Klopp did use Thomas Gronnemark as a consultant throw-in coach for spells during his almost nine years at Anfield, he didn't employ a set-piece specialist, preferring his existing staff to take care of them in tandem with the club analysts.

Yesterday (May 20th) the Reds confirmed that Arne Slot was coming in from Feyenoord to succeed Klopp and soon afterwards they posted an ad for a First Team Set Piece Coach to work with the Dutchman.

They are looking for a UEFA A License coach or equivalent who is a “tactical specialist”. The role will involve “thorough analysis, meticulous planning and the ability to expertly coach both offensive and defensive set-piece strategies.”

The successful applicant will have to analyse set-piece performance data and “provide key metrics to the Sporting Director for use in board and strategy meetings.”

Speaking on the TGG Podcast last year, assistant Pepijn Lijnders, who has since been appointed Head Coach of Red Bull Salzburg, explained that the club had recently opened a set piece pitch.

“I said to Jurgen, 'I have this idea, we should create a set piece pitch,’” Lijnders said. “So today, after training, we went for 15 minutes there and what I created was four boxes, with a net between them.

“On one side they are training only in-swingers, and on both sides I have this basketball net, in the position where I want them to hit it. On the other box only wide free kicks, and on the other box only penalties and direct free kicks, and in the D a finishing exercise.”

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Mina Cup

Liverpool have undergone significant changes behind the scenes ahead of next season. Former Liverpool Sporting Director Michael Edwards has returned as CEO of Football for owners FSG, with former Assistant Sporting Director Julian Ward as FSG Technical Director and Pedro Marques as Director of Football Development for FSG.

Richard Hughes has joined from Bournemouth as Liverpool's new Sporting Director, with David Woodfine, the former Director of Loan Management, as his assistant.

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