Kairos to launch new TV product at TGG Live

Kairos TV: Response to a sea-change in the way that training grounds operate

Kairos TV: Response to a sea-change in the way that training grounds operate

TEAM Operations and Communications specialists Kairos will showcase their new product Kairos TV at TGG Live in Manchester on October 9th and 10th.

Kairos are the headline sponsors of the two-day conference at the Deansgate Hilton in Manchester. Kairos TV is their response to a sea-change in the way that training grounds operate and the way in which staff communicate with players.

Through their latest release, admin users are able to simply scan a QR code to bring their live schedule, video and other rolling announcements to a digital screen in any location. Every TV can then display unique schedules and information relevant to that particular team or area.

Furthermore, administrators can create their own theme, build their own layout and customise each TV to display whichever schedule is most relevant. Kairos TV allows content to be shared, announcements to be made and live changes to be consistently displayed.

Kairos Commercial Director Conor Branson said: “Kairos TV was designed in consultation with numerous clubs and is an innovative solution that solves a consistent problem: sharing information simply, safely and effectively throughout elite sporting environments.

“With Kairos TV, teams can now have a digital ecosystem that allows them to communicate and operate efficiently. Kairos TV offers the elite-club solution and we’re delighted to be showcasing it at TGG Live.”

Through providing athletes direct access to schedules and custom messaging, Kairos TV helps to minimise the use of mobile devices in team settings and importantly, gives coaches the peace of mind needed to lead their team through their day.

Kairos TV is the latest addition to a system that already caters for the unique workflows required of Team Operations staff throughout elite sport. The release of this industry-leading feature speaks to the simplified nature of the Kairos product, purpose built for all training grounds.

It’s not necessary to configure the TV every day, meaning once it’s set up it will update daily as you make any relevant changes on the mobile or web app, with the ability to share multiple days schedules.

Accessible technology solutions are often hard to come across in the elite football ecosystem - whether it be for Academy setups, women’s or men’s teams. Kairos TV is the latest addition to a system that already caters for the unique workflows required of Team Operations staff throughout elite sport.


Kairos launched in 2020 and now boasts clients including Aston Villa, Brighton, Brentford, Feyenoord, Liverpool, Luton Town, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Philadelphia Union and Sheffield United.

For these clubs, Kairos is a player-focused tool, meaning athletes are the end users and have access to information relevant to them through one central system. Kairos plays a vital role in football by streamlining pre-match requirements, training planning and preparation, facilitating efficient match operations and communication.

With its comprehensive event management features, Kairos helps relieve the pressure on operations staff, ensuring a successful and memorable tournament for all involved.

Newcastle United Head of Performance Dan Hodges said: “The Kairos platform will allow all staff and players at Newcastle United to stay connected and communicate effectively in an easy manner, which will help with planning on a number of areas such as travel and training schedules, general updates and events.

“Kairos have a proven track record of working with a number of clubs and the mobile app is a welcomed addition to streamlining our communications at all levels from Academy personnel, throughout to first team players.”

Matt Bennett will be appearing on the Kairos Team Operations Panel at TGG Live on October 9th. To find out more and to buy tickets, click the button below.


Aston Villa First Team Operations Manager Matt Bennett, who will be speaking at TGG Live, added: “The key to the success, I found, is the simplicity of the product. We looked at several different applications before Kairos that were either too complicated or were not of the same level with regards to reliability and function.

“For me, I have to champion the product and hope others follow suit, which they are doing slowly. You are not going to convert everyone on day 1 but it is just about small wins across the board.”

To summarise, Kairos TV is an intuitive interface that minimises distraction and decision fatigue, helping elite athletes and coaches to manage their time effectively, reduce back and forth, and improve communication.

By providing a seamless user experience, this scheduling, communication and operations tool can help to support the unique demands of elite sports and enable athletes and coaches to focus on the task at hand.

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