Ipswich MD casts doubt on new Norwich structure

Ian Milne and Stuart Webber

Ian Milne and Stuart Webber

IPSWICH Managing Director Ian Milne says he does not believe in Norwich’s new structure and prefers a manager to be in charge of all footballing matters.

Stuart Webber joined Norwich as Sporting Director in April and then appointed German Daniel Farke as head coach. Ipswich have a Director of Football - Dave Bowman - but his role is very different to Webber's.

He only oversees recruitment, leaving other football matters to manager Mick McCarthy. In contrast, Webber’s role is all-encompassing.

Milne said: “It’s interesting what’s going on at Norwich. They’ve gone for a sporting director and a head coach, but I think there can only be one captain of the ship – the manager.

“They are trying that route and it’s clearly worked at some clubs, but not at the majority. We’re going to see more younger, foreign managers, like the (David) Wagners, but we believe in what we are doing here. We think it works well and it’s proven to have worked well in the not too distant past.

“Good managers do not grow on trees. We see that with so many of the managerial appointments that haven’t worked for clubs.”

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