Huddersfield Town install cryotherapy unit

Huddersfield say cryotherapy is an important part of their recovery strategy

Huddersfield say cryotherapy is an important part of their recovery strategy

HUDDERSFIELD TOWN have had a four-person cryotherapy unit installed at their PPG Canalside training ground.

The transportable unit, produced by CryoAction, creates temperatures as low as -160°C and is said to aid recovery. Arsenal, Leicester, Everton, Bournemouth and Watford are all existing clients of the London firm.

Huddersfield Head of Performance Services, Dr John Iga, said: “Our playing style and training regime are well documented and necessitate that we have the most comprehensive approaches to player recovery possible, and cryotherapy forms an important part of our strategy.

“Our staff have now been fully trained to operate the cryochamber, and already the feedback from the players has been extremely positive.”

CryoAction co-founder Ian Saunders added: “We are delighted to be working with Huddersfield Town in their first season in the Premier League. We hope that the installation of our cryotherapy chamber and the adoption of the treatment used by so many of our other elite clients in football will help the players stay healthy and recover faster from the physical demands of the modern game.”

The unit comprises a dual chamber cryotherapy suite with CCTV, monitors, 02 sensors, heated windows, audio system and touch screen control panel.

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