Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2019

WE would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year and thank you for your interest and support in 2018.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved, be it by reading our stories, following us on social media or attending our events. The level of engagement we've had has been fantastic - viewpoints may differ, but the discussion is always open, thoughtful and respectful.

There have been plenty of highlights for us in 2018. In February, we were shortlisted for the prestigious Sport Journalism Awards, along with the Daily Mail, Telegraph, ESPN and (eventual winners) The Guardian.

In June, we held our first Cohesive Coaching event, featuring Brian Ashton, Tony Strudwick, Dan Micciche and Martin Fairn. We followed up with Cohesive Coaching 2 in November, featuring Brian along with Damian Hughes and Richard Evans.

At the start of December, we released our annual Academy Productivity Rankings, compiled by Mark Crane, which stimulated lots of follow-up and debate. Along the way, there have been lots of stories, of course - and we'll be revealing our top 10 most popular articles of the year later in the week.

Next year there will be more events, new services and features, more stories and hopefully lots more discussion and exchange of ideas. Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

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