Football League teams must name 'club-developed' player

FOOTBALL LEAGUE teams will be required to name at least one 'club developed' in their matchday squads next season.

A club-developed player is defined as one who has been registered to the club for at least a year before the end of his under-19 season.

Clubs will also be required to have seven homegrown players in their matchday squads - an increase from six. A homegrown player is defined as one who has been with an English or Welsh club for three seasons, or 36 months, prior to his 21st birthday.

If they fail to comply with the rules, teams will only be able to name six instead of seven subs. The proposals were passed at a meeting of the 72 Football League clubs in February and announced yesterday.

Chief executive Shaun Harvey said: "I hope this latest commitment made by our clubs is further evidence of the EFL taking the initiative in looking for practical and effective measures that can be introduced to help managers and coaches in the ongoing development of young players.

"It is imperative that we provide young players not only with a platform, but also with the belief that opportunities will be made available to progress from youth to senior football.

“I am confident that this decision will have a positive and lasting impact on the future of football in this country."

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