Burnley apply for immediate return to Category One

Burnley rose from Category Three to One between 2017 and 2020

Burnley rose from Category Three to One between 2017 and 2020

BURNLEY have reapplied to return to Category One Academy status following their demotion last year.

As TGG revealed last July, the Clarets had their Category One licence withdrawn after the Professional Game Board ratified a decision by the Professional Game Academy Audit Company (PGAAC).

Previously, they had enjoyed a remarkable rise from Category Three to One within the space of just three years. Speaking on the TGG Podcast, former manager Sean Dyche said: "We made vast strides at Burnley with the Academy from when we were first there to what it is - or what it was a year ago. It’s been different now with a change of ownership, different views."

Despite their demotion, Burnley have committed to an immediate return to Category One and submitted their application before the September 1st deadline. They subsequently submitted a more detailed application this month, explaining how they intended to meet the top-tier requirements.

The Championship side will have a full audit before the end of this season and, if successful, would be Category One by the start of 2023/24. The licence would only be for a year, however, because we are already halfway through the three-year audit cycle.

As TGG reported last month, Reading have also applied to return to Category One and three Category Three sides - Bournemouth, Fleetwood Town and Luton Town - have applied to be promoted.

Clubs need to have an indoor dome to meet the Category Two requirements and the trio are all in the process of building one, to varying degrees. However, the other team that were demoted last summer, Birmingham City, have NOT applied to move back up to Category One.

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