A day in the life of a Championship footballer

Russell Martin

Russell Martin

NORWICH CITY have produced a superb ‘day in the life’ video making a mockery of the belief that a footballer’s working day consists of a couple of hours on the training pitch.

Haylett Brasnett produced the video tracking defender Russell Martin during a typical training day. We think it gives a unique perspective and you can watch it here, with an explanation below:

  • 0845: Arrive at the Colney Training Centre
  • 0900: Testing – Martin is weighed and has blood and urine samples taken. His heart rate and hydration levels are measured. He has to complete a wellness and readiness questionnaire on an iPad, then do exercises for the functional movement screen. Supplements are taken before breakfast.
  • 1000: Individualised pre-training prep - gym exercises designed to get the body ready for training/ reduce the risk of injury.
  • 1015: Physio applies strapping and gives a massage.
  • 1042: GPS – players put on vests containing a pod allowing analysts to track their performance during training.
  • 1045: Pre-activation - using glute bands, swiss ball and bosu ball.
  • 1100: Mini conditioning on the pitch
  • 1115: Main session involving the whole first team squad, followed by individual extras in which players can work on particular areas such as high intensity sprints.
  • 1300: Cryotherapy - two sessions, lasting 2”30 each. This is believed to be an effective treatment for muscle damage.
  • 1315: Lunch
  • 1415 Strength, power and injury prevention session, followed by a protein shake
  • 1515 Analysis – going through the GPS data collected during training with an analyst, followed by bottle of cherry active.
  • 1525 Home!

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