Event Diary

DISCOVER the best coaching, science and performance events taking place this year. If you want yours to be added, please contact info@trainingground.guru for more information.

13/05/19 & 14/05/19

Messukeskus Siipi Congress Centre, Helsinki, Finland

Firstbeat HRV Summit

Two-day event bringing together top professionals from around the world to explore sports performance, physiological analytics and wellbeing. This year's theme, Elements of Optimal Performance, will cover sleep & recovery, fitness & training, and stress & resilience and includes keynotes from elite coaches.

20/05/19 & 21/05/19

Parc des Princes

PSG Striving for Excellence Summit

Globally-renowned researchers, strength and conditioning coaches and physios speak about their latest findings in the lab and on the field, and about how their practices can make players better and more resilient.


AJ Bell Stadium, Manchester

Youth Development Conference

Insights from some of the leading figures in the game into youth development. Speakers include Kris Van Der Haegen, Director of Coach Development for the Belgium FA, and Norwich City Sporting Director Stuart Webber.

20/06/19, 21/06/19 & 22/06/19

The NINETY, Seattle

Seattle Sounders Sports Science Seminar

The goal of the seminar is to provide real-world examples of how to apply evidence-based solutions in your high-performance team.


Hotel Football, Manchester

Soccer Science conference

Brings together some of the best football minds to share learning and expertise. Covers technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game. Keynote speaker = Gary Neville.

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