Rigg pushing for Sporting Directors Association

Mike Rigg was Chief Football Officer at Fulham until December

Mike Rigg was Chief Football Officer at Fulham until December

FORMER Manchester City technical director Mike Rigg is in the process of trying to set up the country’s first Association of Sporting Directors.

Rigg, who was chief football officer at Fulham until December, met the Football Association today (Friday) to discuss his proposals. Italy is the only European country that currently has such an association - and it was set up more than 40 years ago.

ADISE was set up on November 15th 1976 to represent the interests of the ‘Director Sportivi’. It encourages growth in the profession, oversees relevant training and represents the profession in discussions with other bodies.

The role of Sporting Director was first established in the country in the 1960s, although it is a much more recent phenomenon in England - and has often been met with suspicion.

“We are in the process, very early, of looking to establish an association,” Rigg, who is also a former head of talent management at the FA, told Scout7’s podcast.

“I’m going into the FA to try and instigate an association of sport directors. In 1976, the Italians developed an organisation called ADISE – the association of sports directors.

“To my knowledge, they are the only European association that have a union of sport directors. The aim is to bring the group together to develop the role, a place to call, a supportive network, but more importantly to professionalise the industry.”

“We’ve just recently completed a level 5 sporting director licence which will be engaging everybody in that role.”

Dr Dan Parnell, who who leads research on the Master of Sport Directorship course at Manchester Metropolitan University, welcomed the initiatives.

“Executive education is a key missing link across football,” Parnell told TGG.

“I am fortunate to be part of the only globally available Masters in Sport Directorship at Manchester Metropolitan University, which is a course and a movement to support professional global leaders in football and sport.

“Additional education options delivered by a leader such as The FA should be applauded and welcomed into the portfolio of education options for our industry.”

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